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منتدى الخريجين والبحث عن عمل قسم يحتوي على المواضيع التي تخص الخريجين بشكل عام وخريحين الهندسة الصناعية بشكل خاص , الدراسات العليا , الوظائف الشاغرة و البحث عن عمل

Inventory Executive - The Blue Group - Qatar

منتدى الخريجين والبحث عن عمل

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قديم 01-02-2018, 09:56 AM
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Z0 Inventory Executive - The Blue Group - Qatar

Inventory Executive - The Blue Group - Qatar

Retail Operation
? Manage and maintain the company stock product inventory documentation.
? Maintain and prepare various reports in different format as required by management, which helps in analyzing the flow of sales, purchases & inventory etc. apart from the default reports of software (retail pro)
? Stock moving transaction for shipment received all documented cross checking filing section.
? Focus on consolidation of goods movement. Control movement of goods, including transportation, on time delivery.
? Ensuring incoming product is receipted and managed appropriately according to company procedures
? Perform cyclic stock checks, and documentation is done perfectly.
? Update stock position of each brand and analyzing the sales of fast & slow moving goods and update to inventory manager accordingly.
? Corresponding and coordinating with team, good interpersonal relationship.
? Audit task, related with stock, and discrepancy of stock count investigation.
? Discount receipts focus, special offers & promotions sales, refund & exchange.
? Randomly review, all locations, security services and system check.
? Provide timely update information & support to operations, merchandise team.
? Responsible for document filing systems.
? Follow store/showroom visit based on schedule.
? Prepare daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly and yearly reports.
? Perform other related duties as assigned by the department.
? Shipment receiving verification
? Shipment sending = distribution verification
? Knowledge of suppliers, equipment’s, and or services ordering and inventor control.
? Purchase order vs. physical receiving and comparison report.
? Transfer out slip vs. in slip comparison report & pending out slip - email to concern shop.
? Performs miscellaneous job-related duties and assignment
? Ability to reconcile stock counts to report database.
? Analyze and solving issues on the spot.
? The position is responsible for maintaining inventory accuracy through performing daily cycle counts and comprehensive physical inventories.
? Assists in developing solutions to specific problems areas
? Assists in development of projects as well as make recommendations to appropriate personnel
? Ensure compliance to inventory process and procedures as well compliance to contractual obligations
? Other duties as required and assigned

Whole Sale Operation
? Checking of RFQ’s (requested for quotations)
? Monitoring the submission of quotation for sale staff to the customer.
? Monitoring of quotation requested by customer to head office.
? Consignment return product return physical v/s product return receipts.
? Taking the stock return by the customer, till it transfer to the warehouse or stores.,
? Monitoring the stock which is transferred to wholesale department on material requested.
? Monitoring stock transferred on material request.
? Checking stock transferred on material reques.t
? Checking in and out of stock transfer is done properly without any discrepancies.
? Tracking of product samples & damages.
? Checking any pending orders from the customers.
? Monitoring delivery of products
? Monitoring reservation of stock
? Checking inventory status of whole sale department.
? Product monitoring executive retail
? Manage and control perpetual inventory accuracy checks.
? Manage control measures to ensure mistakes, inaccuracies of stock transfers.
? Monitoring and evaluate products (uniforms, gifts, damages…) usage & cost
? Ensure incoming product is receipted and managed appropriately according to company procedure
? Checking with the stock transfer vouchers
? Perform cycle stock checks.
? Checking of sales return daily wise.
? Checking of discrepancies like negative stock
? Perform miscellaneous job related duties assigned by the management.

Job Details

Date Posted: 2018-01-01 Job Location: Doha, Qatar Job Role: Logistics and Transportation Company Industry: Retail/Wholesale
Preferred Candidate

Career Level: Mid Career Nationality: United Arab Emirates; Australia; Bahrain; Canada; Djibouti; Algeria; Egypt; Great Britain (UK); Ireland; Iraq; Jordan; Comoros; Kuwait; Lebanon; Libya; Morocco; Mauritania; New Zealand; Oman; Philippines; Palestine; Qatar; Saudi Arabia; Sudan; Somalia; Syria; Tunisia; United Kingdom; United States; Yemen Degree: Diploma

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