Domino Run 2 v1.0.3 APK

Domino Run 2 is a puzzle game in which dominoes placed on a series of platforms must be rearranged so that they can all be toppled by a single push.

This time completely in 3D, 4 worlds set in a beautiful scenery, with stylish dominoes and platforms, stunning explosions and crumbly rubble await you.
Solve all 150 levels (30 levels in each world, that is 25 levels and 5 extra-challenging levels per world). The last 30 levels are available for download (one level will be unlocked each day starting with release), and more worlds will follow in future updates! The game takes you from “Stone Ageâ€‌ through the wild “Mayan Jungle", a spooky “Ghost Fieldâ€‌ to the futuristic “Moon 43â€‌!
Each world introduces special domino types and objects. Your task is to rearrange dominoes and push one of them, so that all dominoes fall, but the finisher domino must fall last.
A domino may fall off the platform it currently is but must land on another platform.

Sounds easy? The difficulty increases with each level and solving it requires quick strategic thinking.
Increase your score by reattempting already mastered levels in shorter times and/or with fewer moves.
There are awards (from bronze to platinum star), depending on how much you are able to beat the record times and number of moves by the level creators!
Compare your world score with others in leaderboards