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    M&E Manager - I-Talent

    M&E Manager - I-Talent


    In charge of providing direction in accomplishing all MEP work activities and its implementation ensuring compliance to project specifications, budget and quality standards.

    MEP work Planning & Implementation:

    • Supervises the planning and interfacing of work;

    • Oversee the MEP work schedule;

    • Monitors weekly accomplishment;

    • Review and evaluates any proposed work changes in accordance with the company standards and policies;

    • Plans work resources with specific reference to ensure timely progress;

    • Guides the overall M&E design strategy and implementation of the project;

    Cost Estimation, Control & Management:

    • Oversees the commercial concerns related to individual M&E trades;

    • Reviews the sub contract agreement for M&E trades including its scope of work/BOQ;

    • The estimates for variation orders;

    • Submits the cost proposal for work variations to the client;

    • Reviews the prepared PRFS and PRS;

    • Checks the submitted progress billing for MEPF trade contractors vs. the actual accomplishment

    • Checks the progress billing;

    • Checks the Power/Water consumption billing chargeable to other parties;

    • Checks that the monitoring and control of power/water consumption is implemented;

    • Checks the cost proposals for work variations submitted by MEP subcontractors;

    • Reviews commercial evaluation proposals submitted by different suppliers for supplied items;

    • Reviews and recommends award of subcontractor;

    • Manages the project budget for M&E;

    • Reviews the actual sub cost material and labor (starting);

    • Finalizes the cost derivation/productivity (starting);

    QA/QC System Management:

    • Checks the “For Construction Drawing”(FCD);

    • Reviews QA/QC work;

    • Reviews, evaluates and monitors the contractor’s plan and physical progress to ensure completion of the project;

    • Prepares RFI’s;

    • Checks the monitoring of submittals is in place;

    • Checks the monitoring and closing out of NCN and SI is implemented;

    • Checks the Review of balance of works for M&E works;

    • Checks the preparation of CSD;

    • Evaluates the equipment/materials for procurement;

    Contract Management:

    • Checks the changes on contract plans and revised drawings issued by the PMC;

    • Reviews the contract documents;

    Technical Document Management & Review:

    • Manages the technical evaluation proposals submitted by different suppliers for supplied items;

    • Prepares inspection checklist for M&E utilities;

    • The shop drawings, material submittals, methodology and other forms to be issued to client;

    • Checks ISD and setting out drawings;

    • Manages the works, technical preparation of correspondence to subcontractors, suppliers, client and project managers;

    Client Relationship:

    • Resolves conflicts between subcontractors or clients;

    • Emphasizes on good quality to promote possible repeat client;


    • Coordinates the M&E installation with the consultants;

    • Coordinates implementation of FCD’s;

    • Checks coordination works between MEP and ID works;

    • Reviews the minutes of the meeting (technical and management);

    • Technical and management construction coordination meetings;

    • Work in close conjunction with other section to ensure effective teamwork on interfacing works;

    People Development:

    Mentors M&E staff to expedite improvement of skills and upgrade know how;

    Site Inspection:

    • Inspects equipments/materials delivered on site;

    • Attends walk thru with the subcontractors and/or Client;

    • Attends to technical matters on site by developing and providing solutions to problem with the application of M&E concepts, practices and techniques;

    • Checks testing and commissioning for M&E works;

    • Checks implementation of inspection of installed MEPF utilities;

    Safety Compliance:

    Ensures compliance to project safety program;


    *Other tasks that may be assigned from time to time.

    Job Details

    Posted Date: 2018-03-07 Job Location: Philippines Job Role: Mechanical Engineering Company Industry: Other
    Preferred Candidate

    Career Level: Entry Level

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