Team Leader - Beyond Human Resource

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  • Team Leader - Beyond Human Resource

    Team Leader - Beyond Human Resource

    • Reports to HCRC.

    • He is responsible to operate with 6 to 10 Customer Sales Specialist (CSS).

    • Should be Disciplinarian and responsible for Team punctuality at all field/office meeting.

    • Ensures minimum of 6 Appointments and 3 demonstrations per CSS.

    • Is responsible to adhere to EFL Code of Ethics & Conduct.

    • Responsible for Team Productivity as per payment plan.

    • Is responsible to submit Team members Daily Activity Report to HCRC / BM.

    • Must ensure long term relationship with all customers continuously through personal meetings & help them with required services.

    • Must make at least 25 courtesy calls during the month to existing customers and document in the “Gift-A-Smile” book.

    • He is responsible to Train his Team members on field and Role plays – on selling skills / objection handling etc.

    • Build relationship with Influencers /VIP customers /Corporate / Hospitals, Doctors / society.

    Job Details

    Posted Date: 2018-03-21 Job Location: Delhi, India Job Role: Sales Company Industry: Technical/Maintenance
    Preferred Candidate

    Career Level: Mid Career Nationality: India

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