Premises Manager - The International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC)

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  • Premises Manager - The International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC)

    Premises Manager - The International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC)

    Job Purpose:

    The Premises Manager manages the overall ICRC premises & infrastructures department.

    Standard function description:

    Functional Responsibilities:

    • Participates in the accommodation and offices capacity needs and identifies premises accordingly.
    • Analyses premises set-up including passive security measures in place and proposes corrective measures when necessary. Participates in lease agreement.
    • Coordinates the proper maintenance of the overall premises and infrastructures
    Supervises the overall Management of Premises & infrastructure department. Trains and supervises the related staff and organizes the work
    • Participates in the elaboration of the housing policy.
    • Deals with external interlocutors, service providers and suppliers in the related field.
    • Coordinates external interventions related to maintenance.
    • Supervises and controls premises/maintenance related expenses and service costs.
    • Supervises ordering or purchasing of related material, supply according to needs, in coordination with LOG, and maintains related stock.
    • Ensures proper related files and statistics
    Scope & Impact:
    • Elaborates budget related to all ICRC rented premises.
    • In charge of all aspects of Premises Management for in a large Delegation, including functional responsibility for sub-sites.


    • Internally, interacts with other ICRC employees and/or ICRC premises users.
    • Externally, interacts with municipality, property owner’s suppliers, service providers, and other external interlocutors.


    From a perspective of resources optimization and leadership management, the Premises Manager 2 is responsible for a premises portfolio of 2 delegations, 1 warehouse, 1 workshop and 52 apartments .

    S/ S/he is the responsible of a team of 45 and directly supervises the Premises Assistant, the Housekeeper Team Leader and the Maintenance Team Leader.

    • Determines the need of the delegation in terms of premises, identifies and set-up appropriate premises in line with the ICRC institutional guidelines
    • Establishes, puts in place and assures the application of the ICRC lodging policy
    • Participates in the elaboration of the standard of accommodation
    • In collaboration with the F&A Coordinator allocates premises to the delegates
    • Ensures the passive security of ICRC buildings, proposes changes and adapts the passive security measures if necessary
    • Ensures the adequacy of premises conditions (management of the Domestic Staff and Maintenance Team)
    • Ensures the proper maintenance/rehabilitation of premises
    • Negotiates contracts, renewal or termination of the contracts (includes submitting AoE's)
    • Manages the opening of new residences or the closure of old premises
    • Collaborates with Finance department for all the financial issues in relation to the Premises – like rent payment, etc.
    • Prepares and updates Premises list
    • Monitors expenses of the maintenance and premises department in general and assures himself that the expenditures are in line with the budget
    • Manages the key to the premises
    • Collaborates with Logistics department and follows up on all the orders in regard to the Premises
    • Ensures a regular (at least twice yearly) knowledge of the Real Estate market by conducting market surveys
    • Draws up an annual inventory of movables and a summary of claims if necessary, manages the administrative follow-up of existing insurance claims for Premises
    • Completes inventories of the ICRC offices and accommodation and ensures the at all time compliance with the existing standard lists and the housing policies in place
    • Prepares Premises reports in the Insurance DB

    General Duties:

    Be aware of the delegations objectives and activities
    Understand the three components of the Red Cross/Red Crescent Movement
    Apply the security rules at all times
    Respect and observe the staff regulations of the ICRC in Jordan.
    The employee may be asked to perform other duties not covered in this job description as well as to provide support to other departments when and if necessary.

    Job Details

    Posted Date: 2018-03-27 Job Location: Amman, Jordan Job Role: Administration Company Industry: Community/Social Services/and Nonprofit Monthly Salary: US $2,000
    Preferred Candidate

    Career Level: Mid Career Nationality: Jordan Degree: Baccalauréat

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