The new 2008 Autodesk

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    The new 2008 Autodesk

    The new 2008 Autodesk product line delivers on the promise of design innovation with 2D and 3D tools that open the door to digital prototyping environments and allow customers to experience the impact of their design ideas before they are built.
    The latest update to AutoCAD software focuses on improving designers' ability to quickly and easily document their designs, with a level of control that helps ensure that their drawings look as professional as they require.

    AutoCAD 2008 focuses on solving common customer problems in a way that respects current workflows, so that little or no retraining is required to obtain significant time savings.

    Key enhancements include:

    -- Simple, intuitive creation, editing and management of annotation scale,
    tables, text and leaders, to virtually eliminate duplication of work,
    minimize errors and time spent on workarounds, and support corporate
    standards for design.
    -- Customer-driven improvements in functions ranging from drafting to
    presentation, including more than 35 enhancements in response to
    customer visits, Autodesk User Group International (AUGI) top-10
    feature wish lists, and feedback forms.

    "One of the most powerful aspects of AutoCAD software has been its support for designing and documentation in real-world scale," said Lucio A. Da Silva, CAD manager, Architectural Land Design, Inc. "But combining those elements with associated annotation has been difficult. AutoCAD 2008 makes it transparent for the designer -- we think it's a must-have update that builds on the modeling and visualization enhancements we got in AutoCAD 2007."

    Note: CD2 has the nfo file with install serial number and instructions, plus the keygen, please read.
    uninstall = two ISO files
    total download 730 mbs of rar files

    Home Page:

    March 7, 2007 Update Get em fast before they are removed again!
    CD1 (4 x 100mbs, 1 x 44.8 mbs)

    change the ISO name from AEC2008-1.iso to ACAD2008-1.iso

    CD2 (3 x 100mbs, 1 x 20 mbs)

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