Facilities location, layout and material handling
Facilities location layout and material handling

Any facility can be viewed as having a location and consisting of several components. Bylocation it is meant the placement of a facility in such a way that it will satisfy specified requirementsconcerning customers, suppliers, and other facilities with which it interacts. The components are the structure (building and services), layout (equipment, machinery, furnishings), and handling system
mechanism for required interactions in the layout). Facilities planning includes facilities location and facilities design. Facilities location refers to determining how the location of an activity supports the accomplishment of the intended objective of the activity. The study of the way the components of an activity support the accomplishment of its objective or objectives is within the realm of facilities design. This area includes: structural design, layout design, and handling system design. In particular, facility layout is the field of selecting the most effective
arrangement of physical facilities that allows the greatest efficiency in the allocation of resources needed to manufacture a product or perform a service. As stated by Muther (Practical Plant Layout, 1955), "Plant Layout embraces the physical arrangement of industrial facilities. This arrangement (installed or planned) includes the space needed for material movement, storage, indirect laborers, and all other supporting activities or services, as well as for operating equipment and personnel."

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