LEAN Manufacturing Implementation: A Complete Execution Manual for Any Size

تنفيذ التصنيع الرشيق : دليل تنفيذ التصنيع الرشيق لأي مصنع مهما كان حجمه
دليل تفيذ التصنيع الرشيق لأي مصنع Lean Manufacturing Implementation for Any Size Manufacturer

This project management approach to Lean manufacturing implementation does not require help from expensive consultants. The proven, objective, standard, and complete “how to” sequential
series of progressive steps are easy to understand and use to effect factory transformation to Lean This manual illustrates the methodologies that will help you produce higher quality products at a lower cost with faster response times. The results: improved profit margins and increased market share. The author also provides a toolbox of techniques for problem solving, continuous improvement, and for operating a Lean manufacturing facility on a day-to-day basis after the initial line design is completed.
Part I - The Benefits of Implementing a Lean Manufacturing System
Chapter 1 - History and Modern Applications of Lean Manufacturing
Chapter 2 - Performing a Strategic Business Analysis
Part II - The Methodologies for Transforming Your Facility to Lean Manufacturing
Chapter 3 - Understanding Your Products, Processes, and Demand
Chapter 4 - Line Layout and Workstation Identification with Process Linking and Balancing
Chapter 5 - The Kanban Strategies
Chapter 6 - Managing Inventory with the Kanban System
Part III - Project Management for Implementation, Line Start-Up, Daily Operations, and
Performance Measurement
Chapter 7 - Team Establishment
Chapter 8 - The Lean Implementation Milestones Checklist
Chapter 9 - Managing the Lean Manufacturing Line

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