Kaizen Systems in the Textile Industry

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  • Kaizen Systems in the Textile Industry

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    Any organization can expect consistent improvement only if it can develop the work culture in such a way that their employees are delegated with some authority to identify and resolve problems. Kaizen emphasize that each and every basic rule of the organization should be communicated to all the employees. The clear cut establishment of methods and rules can very well be felt in the kaizen-type improvement process implemented organization.

    We'll look at Kaizen by answering three questions: What is Kaizen? What are the benefits of Kaizen? What do you need to do to get started using Kaizen principles? And implementation of it in Textile Industry. Kaizen is a system that involves every employee - from upper management to the jobber. Everyone is encouraged to come up with small improvement suggestions on a regular basis. This is not a once a month or once a year activity. It is continuous. It involves setting standards and then continually improving those standards. To support the higher standards Kaizen also involves providing the training, materials and supervision that is needed for employees to achieve the higher standards and maintain their ability to meet those standards on an on-going basis.

    Kaizen merges work and process improvement without increasing cost because diverse teams of contributors, including direct operators, follow a strict discipline to design a precise choreography of people, equipment, materials and information flow that is devoid of waste. The improved flow achieves delightful success and is sustained through consistent leadership and visual controls. With no requirement for huge investment, it is a low-cost approach to productivity and quality improvement.


    In 1950 to 1960 they took the concept of Quality Philosophy from American specialist Dr. Edward Deming and Dr. Joseph Juran. And by using this philosophy they developed their process and achieved unbelievable success in industries which we called KAIZEN. Japanese people gives more stress on process other than results so, kaizen is process oriented system other than result oriented.

    KAIZEN philosophy is not only related with our professional life it is related with our social as well as personal life related with improvements in it. Depending upon this, kaizen in Japan became a daily routine of their peoples life and they ever forgotten that they are not doing anything different than world. This leaded Japanese market from market of raw material to producers of high quality products which are wonderable.

    There are two ways of improvement:

    1. Byinvestigating big things changing the situation.
    2. By doingcontinuous small- small changes in current situation.
    Japanese use the second concept of continuous improvement of current process called kaizen. Kaizen tells us don’t waste ever a day without improving wherever possible. This leaded the Japanese people in discipline, importance of time, skill and quality.

    What is “KAIZEN”?

    KAIZEN is a Japanese word which consist of two terms i.e.KAI means “CHANGE” and ZEN means “GOOD”. So over all KAIZEN means “Changes done for better improvement in a management system of companies”. In simple manner KAIZEN means continuous improvement by including all members, Higher authorities, Managers, Workers and each and everyone related to it with practical implementation of ideas.


    Kaizen refers to a series of activities through which waste sources are eliminated one at a time, for minimal cost, by workers pooling their wisdom and understanding of the work, thus increasing efficiency in an effective timely manner.

    KAIZEN implementation starts with sensation of problem, Understanding of that problem. If there is not sensation of problem then no question of solving or improving it. KAIZEN is the process of solving problems and solving each problem means leading one step ahead. And to make this improvement constant we have to standardize the improved situations.

    Kaizen Vs Western Management:

    Kaizen Management
    Western Management
    1. It is process-oriented management.
    2. It is related with improving process.
    3. It has gradualist approach.
    4. It is undramatic and subtle.
    5. It is continuous and gradual process.
    6. Involvement of everybody
    1. It is result oriented process.
    2. It is related with innovation.
    3. It has great leap forward approach.
    4. It is dramatic & a real attention getter.
    5. It is generally one shot phenomena.
    6. Involvement of selected few champions

    Kaizen–A Necessity for the Industry:
    Kaizen can be implemented in the industry by improving every aspect of business process in a step by step approach, while gradually developing employee skills through training and increased involvement.

    The principles are:

    · Human resources are the most important company asset
    · Process must evolve by gradual improvement rather than radical changes

    · Improvement must be based on evaluation of process performance
    · By practicing Kaizen culture, managers demonstrate commitment to quality. Also, the workers with adequate support from managers become a major source of improvement.
    · Kaizen system is simple, buttheir implications are far reaching. These can be in the area of Productivity, Quality, Cost, Delivery, Safety & Morale of Employees i.e.; PQCDSM.
    · It is continuous process.

    Some basic rules should take in to consideration:

    Develop a vision of the future. Having defined what is happening now a future state map is created which defines what should be happening if the world was perfect.

    1. Involve everyone
    For a blitz to work everyone has to be involved. This may mean shutting down a line or a department for the duration of the event.

    2. Prepare the group
    It is essential that everyone involved is trained in how to perform a blitz.

    3. Plan for success.
    Choosing the right target for a blitz is also critical. The event must be built for success particularly if it’s the first one. Choose something that will have a big impact on the people as well as the organization

    4. Keep the kaizen training to what is actually needed for the event.
    It makes absolutely zero sense to go into the details of a SMED system (Single Minute Exchange of Dies) if your event has no change-over as an obstacle to improvement.

    5. Provide the kaizen training at the right time
    Many kaizen event training programs spend valuable training time the first day teaching how to complete a report out on Friday.

    6. Properly scale the scope of kaizen event.

    7. Keep your kaizen goals simple

    Many times a kaizen event will put a long list of targets or goals on the team to accomplish, productivity, cycle time, 5-S, floor space, quality, etc. All these goals are noble and beneficial however they may leave a team running in too many directions. Pick one goal to focus your kaizen team.

    8. Pick the right lean tool for the job and use it well

    There are plenty of lean tools to choose for kaizen activities so your must determine the right tool and use it well.

    9. Go to gemba and stay there the entire week

    With the exception of your Monday morning training and eating lunch, your kaizen team must remain in the kaizen area the entire week. Meeting and the final report out were conducted at gemba.

    10. Speak with data

    Hearsay or opinions have no place in a blitz. Decisions to make changes are made based on real hard data gained from the current state.

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