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  • what is KAIZEN الكايزن

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    · KAIZEN’s area is not only continuous improvement but it is bigger than that.
    · It means confidence on unlimited power of imagination in the human and implementation of it.
    · KAIZEN tells us not to adjust the conditions to improve the conditions.
    · In KAIZEN there is not specific time for solving problem. It should be minimum as possible.
    · While implementing KAIZEN it is important to utilize some values and following guidance principles.
    · We have to consider current process worst and try to make it better using KAIZEN.
    · KAIZEN is series of small-small improvements in which less technology, less cost are used which causes tremendous improvements in quality and process.
    · KAIZEN is not “Brian Storming” but it is “Try Storming”.

    Kaizen Event Process Steps:

    Step 1: Identifying Current Situation

    · Crucial first step in process improvement.
    · Deep understanding of the existing processes and dependencies.
    · Identify all the activities currently involved in developing a new product.
    · Observe the process first hand.
    · Identify Value Added (VA), Non-Value Added Required (NVA-R), and Non-Value Added (NVA).
    · Generally creates more questions than answers

    Step 2: Planning and Preparation

    · Identify the correct area in the organization that requires the immediate implementation of rapid improvement event.
    · After identifying the most appropriate production, administrative or a specific segment in the workplace, the focus should be given in particular to "waste elimination" issue prevailing in that department for implementing the kaizen event.
    · After identifying the problematic area, the managers have to build a cross-functional team of employees.
    · Prior to the training, the entire team should be completely aware of the organization’s rapid improvement process and given appropriate training on the process.
    · The duration of kaizen events varies from one day to seven days, depending on the length of the process involved and depth of the problem.

    Step 3: Implementation

    · The first and foremost work of the team is to identify and clearly understand the "current state" of the targeted process.
    · This would give the team members a common and a clear picture of problem that they are aiming to solve.
    · Five Whys: Toyota designed and followed a method of asking "why" five times and answering them one by one to make someone to understand the root cause of a problem step by step.
    · Value Stream Mapping: Non-value-adding elements in the targeted process can be easily eliminated through this process.
    · The team members would raise queries on the aim of the process, and clearly observe the wastes, reasons for waste and analyze it.
    · The most appealing and fruitful ideas are selected and suggested for implementation.
    Step 4: Follow up

    · This is the very important phase in the kaizen event as this ensures that the improvements are consistent and not just for time being.
    · On completion of kaizen event, the team members should keep track of performance as a routine in terms of metrics measures to record the gains.
    · In general the follow up kaizen events are conducted in 30 to 90 days after the first kaizen event in aim of assessing the performance and locate the follow-up changes that should undertaken to maintain the consistency in performance and development.
    · Normally targeted process employees are requested for feedback and ideas.

    Step 5: 5s

    · 5s uses visual control methods of maintaining an efficient workspace where problems are
    · Clearly and easily identified.
    · The 5s stands for sort, stabilize, shine, standardize and sustain. Sorting is keeping what only is needed in the area.
    · Stabilizing is identifying a particular place for each item so every person can find them, use them and return them to the correct place.
    · Shining focuses on cleaning the work area and keeping it clean.
    · Standardizing is the routine of maintaining the previous steps.
    · Sustaining is using self discipline to enforce the entire system

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