Maple Toolbox for Matlab

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  • Maple Toolbox for Matlab

    لا بد من ان الجميع قد سمع ببرنامج الميبل ....الملف ادناه هو حلقة الوصل له مع الماتلاب ....

    Maple Toolbox for Matlab for Maple v11.01 MACOSX | 8.7MB

    The Maple Toolbox for MATLAB® combines the best in symbolic and numeric computation to develop mathematical solutions and perform in-depth analysis of the results. With this toolbox, Maplesoft offers a technical computing solution that is tightly integrated with MATLAB, providing direct access to all the commands, variables, and functions of each product while working in either environment.
    Maple.Toolbox.for.Matlab.for.Maple.v11.01.MACOSX.I NTEL-TBE
    Maple.Toolbox.for.Matlab.for.Maple.v11.01.MACOSX.P PC-TBE

    download from here :

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