what are we?

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  • what are we?

    What are we?

    Industrial Engineering....

    Industrial Engineering is a branch of engineering which deals with design, installation, testing, operation and improvement of systems comprising men, machines and materials. It is thus unique as compared to other branches of engineering in the sense that it deals not only with inanimate objects but also with the behavior of human beings in relation to these objects. For this purpose, it draws heavily on mathematical, physical, and social sciences and the other engineering principles of systems analysis and design.

    Some of the areas of Industrial Engineering which are now commonly available as options in many colleges are as follows:
    • Operations Research
    • Information Processes
    • Engineering Statistics
    • Human Factors Engineering
    • Engineering Management

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    يعطيك العافية اخ عبد الله ....


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      شكرا اخي لو كانت بالعربي لكانت افظل


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        شكرا عا الموضصوع
        خلينا نتعرف عا ثقافة الانجليزي


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