lean manufacturing

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    lean manufacturing

    Introduction to lean manufacturing:
    How lean manufacturing can be used to achieve substantial competitive advantage?

    Lean manufacturing is a production philosophy, and it considered a way of mapping the overall manufacturing process from raw material to the finished product to the customer.

    It is called lean because these principles manufacturers to produce more with less (less time, less inventory and less capital), also with fewer resources.

    - Lean manufacturing focus on continuous flow from row material to a customer eliminating any other wastes.
    - It is successful in many industries as the principles of lean manufacturing are applied in both small and large companies.

    The wrong of mass production is:-economy of scale.
    -individual work stations and workers.

    But Lean examines the whole operations focusing in the total system efficiency, and challenges the economy of scale (the large of production run the lower of cost per unit).
    The flow of lean is focusing on small patches for smooth flow.

    Cycle time:Is the total amount of time the production material is in the system.

    Value added activity: small amount of time that adds value to the product.
    Non value added activity: Activities that do not add value to the product and not required by the process or the customer.

    Reducing cycle time require reducing non value added time as possible.

    Value added time: include:
    Non value added time:
    -moving staging material.
    -Equipment setup.
    -Idle time.
    So the principle flow is (make one move one) to reduce the cycle time.

    Visual management techniques
    Lean companies use visual management techniques to help employees to recognize problems quickly, and it takes many forms but all have the same goal (help to highlight problems so they are quickly fixed).
    Standardized work procedures are provided in most cases by symbol documentations at each work station, so that employees can move from job to job and still being assured that they are doing the job right.

    Lean manufacturing approach:
    When manufacturers need to increase production output they hire more employees, buy equipment, build additional space.
    But lean takes different approach, it expands the value added time and reduces non value added time, additional employees are not hired new equipment not purchased.

    Flexibility of layout:
    Keeping the work place flexible provides easy layout changes.

    Applying pull system:
    Pull is a productive control system, based on replenishment, materials are transported only to replenish consumed by downstream process or a customer .includes cards, marked floor space, computerized systems.

    Quality at the source:
    -if defective part discovered immediately the cost in disruption is minimum.
    -if the part is found in the final inspection it is important for rework.
    -if the defective reaches the customer there are added cost due to replacement and warranty.

    Acceptance factors:
    -Genuine commitment.
    - Acceptable work pace.
    - Training.

    Benefits of lean manufacturing:1-Shrter cycle time.
    2- Higher quality.
    3-Excellent customer service.
    4-Lower production cost

    many thanks manager for the benifit information


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