Title: Explosion Hazards in the Process Industry
Author: Rolf K. Eckhoff
Publisher: Gulf Publishing Company (October 15, 2005)
Publication Date: 2005-10-15
Number Of Pages: 439

Explosions in the process industries injure or kill hundreds, if not thousands, of workers every year. They occur in process plants, refineries, platforms and pipelines all over the world. Millions of dollars are spent repairing damages, replacing equipment and rebuilding facilities in the wake of this destruction. The loss of human life adds another dimension to these tragedies. This book explores different types of explosions that can occur in a facility and the necessary steps to guard against them. A clear set of preventative measures, rules and standards combine to make this book a convenient guide to real-world applications. Additional theoretical issues in the use of probabilistic equations and scenarios make this book an absolute neccesity for process industry safety


ISBN: 0976511347