"Lean Manufacturing That Works" By Bill Carreira
AMACOM/American Management Association | 2004-10-30 | ISBN: 0814472370 | 295 pages | pdf | 3.4 mB
"The one and only reason to go lean is to make more money", says Bill Carreira. Lean Manufacturing That Works is the first book to bring all the principles of lean manufacturing to where they're needed most: the shop floor and the people supervising daily operations. Engagingly written and easy to put to work, the book features essential tools that can help streamline operations in any manufacturing environment.Section 1 presents a thorough overview of lean, with discussions of: cost and cash flow; velocity and lead time; what waste is and how it affects both profit and customer satisfaction; how to quantify opportunities to become more profitable; and how to use lean manufacturing to both complement and implement business strategy.Section 2 gives step-by-step, dollar-by-dollar guidance on creating a lean process at virtually any manufacturing company, from laying out processes to transitioning and training employees. There is also valuable insight on establishing metrics and ensuring continuous improvement. Gaining specific, practical knowledge with every page, the reader will move effortlessly through the book and return to the shop floor with a workable plan for cutting waste and boosting profits


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