Embedded Systems Handbook
(Industrial Information Technology)
By Richard Zurawski
* Publisher: CRC
* Number Of Pages: 1160
* Publication Date: 2005-08-16
* ISBN-10 / ASIN: 0849328241
* ISBN-13 / EAN: 9780849328244

Book Description:
Embedded systems are nearly ubiquitous, and books on individual topics or components of embedded systems are equally abundant. Unfortunately, for those designers who thirst for knowledge of the big picture of embedded systems there is not a drop to drink. Until now. The Embedded Systems Handbook is an oasis of information, offering a mix of basic and advanced topics, new solutions and technologies arising from the most recent research efforts, and emerging trends to help you stay current in this ever-changing field. With preeminent contributors from leading industrial and academic institutions around the globe, this authoritative handbook presents timely tutorials, surveys, and technological overviews spanning the range of issues and technologies involved in embedded systems. Many of the technology developments, deployments, and trends are made available in this book for the first time. Six sections provide coherence to the presentation, detailing: · A broad introduction to embedded systems · System- and network-on-chip (SoC/NoC) design · Testing of embedded core-based integrated circuits · Networked embedded systems · Sensor networks, and · Automotive, industrial automation, and intelligent sensor applications With concise yet comprehensive coverage of the latest developments, solutions, tools, products, and research results, the Embedded Systems Handbook is ideal for both novices and seasoned engineers looking to enhance and expand embedded systems capabilities

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